February saw £1 billion in Britain international visits

The hospitality sector in Britain saw a healthy boost in international visits in February, according to new figures by tourist board VisitBritain.

Being dubbed as a “bumper February”, a new International Passenger Survey (IPS) saw that nearly two million international visitors had generated £1 billion in the month alone. Not only is this a nine per cent rise in the amount of money spent, compared to February 2012, but there has also been a 14 per cent increase in the number of visitors coming from abroad. This is actually the first time the £1 billion mark has been recorded in February.

Across the entire sector, there were recorded improvements. The data revealed that holiday visits had risen by ten per cent, business travel had seen a 15 per cent boost and those who had come to visit relatives or friends had increased by 19 per cent.

The report further suggested that out of the 1.97 million people who had visited Britain, there had been a 22 per cent rise from those coming from EU nations, whilst other markets such as China, Australia and Brazil had increased by six per cent.

Analysts hope that these trends continue for the rest of the year, allowing more hospitality jobs to be created across the UK.

VisitBritain’s chief executive Sandie Dawe said: “These figures underline that inbound tourism is an industry in which Britain competes globally and has the potential to grow faster than other sectors of the economy. It is already the case that tourism was responsible for a third of all jobs created in the past couple of years and continued growth will be a driver to creating more jobs across Britain.”

With tourism remaining as a major driving force behind the country’s economy, many industry experts suggest that the London 2012 Olympics may have indeed left a legacy in its wake.

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