Don’t just coast…

You've been in one hospitality job for a year. You've not been promoted or expanded your responsibilities. Perhaps you don't feel like you really want to. That's fine – we all want different things from our work, after all.

But perhaps you should try being a bit more proactive about going that bit further in your job? At the least, it's worth putting your thoughts towards career progression.

Think about the benefits

If you feel like you need a bit of motivation to try and progress in your role or career more generally, it's good to focus on the benefits this could bring you.

Some people are always chasing progression, others of us might be less likely to be proactive in this way. And one reason could be we've not really considered the benefits.

Money is one example – if you get promoted, say, you will be earning more. Perhaps you feel the pay rise isn't worth it, that the additional responsibilities will outweigh this?

That could be true, but remember that even a small pay rise could improve your quality of life. Perhaps it could be put into savings and used for a future holiday?

Also, this promotion and pay rise could be just one step towards another more substantial raise later on.

And though we may not all feel that earning more is enough to make us want to work on career progression, some other benefits of progression can include: gaining extra experience, learning new skills, finding out new things about yourself, having the increased respect of the people you work with and gaining more insight into the workings of a business.

Talk it through

Your superiors should be looking out for your career progression. But you'll probably find things move faster if you actually ask them about it – and let them know you want more responsibility or a promotion.

They may be able to give you extra things to do slowly over time, for example, to help you build up the skills that could get you a full promotion later.

Find out if it's for you

Is management the right path for you to take? Would you enjoy life in the job role above the one you're in now? You're probably surrounded by people who are well placed to help you answer these sorts of queries. So why not spend time talking to them about their work?

This could help you work out, for example, whether one of the routes up with your present employer might be for you, or whether you might be better off moving elsewhere.

Work on your ultimate goal if it's not connected to this job

Are you currently in one line of work, but are actually just using it to earn cash while you hope to move onto something very different ultimately? This is one potentially good reason not to put time into career progression in your current sector. That said, make sure you are instead putting focus on the other dream.