Don’t fall into these interview ‘worry waster’ traps!

Wasting too much worry on anything to do with an interview is never a good idea. See an interview as an opportunity – not a reason to get anxious! Some things that can take up our time and concern pre-interview are especially unnecessary. Here are some examples.

Should I wear a tie?

Yes a tie can sometimes raise an already smart outfit to an even smarter level. But that said, it's unlikely to be the thing that makes or breaks an interview. So if you're in two minds, if you think you don't have a suitable tie, or if you're not confident about how a tie will look when you've tied it yourself, it may be best to abandon the idea and simply head out knowing the rest of your outfit works.

Indeed, many of the small details of dress we might worry about before an interview simply aren't worth the time. Most of us know that we need to look smart, and how to make this happen. As long as you think an outfit is smart enough to create the right impression, worrying about exactly which earrings to wear with it is unlikely to be fruitful.

What is likely a more useful way to spend your time, should you be agonising over little details of an outfit on the day of an interview is to eat breakfast.

The energy this will give you could leave you feeling a lot better during your interview than you would if you go in on an empty stomach. And no one wants their tummy to start rumbling mid-interview!

Remember, too, that it's better to organise and lay out your outfit in advance, so you don't have to spend time thinking about it on the day.

I've got a horrible cold

Is a cold causing a sore throat and making you feel like you're not at your best? If you are seriously ill in a way that could impact your interview and means you ought not to leave the house, don't be afraid to call and ask for a change of time, explaining what's wrong. But for a slight cold making you feel a tad under the weather, it's simply a matter of shrugging worry about this off. Yes, it's not ideal, but we can't help when these things strike.

Will I sleep the night before?

Sometimes people can get so nervous about an interview that they find it tricky to sleep before the 'big day'. But you should deal with interview anxiety by trying to undertake relaxing activities, for example, as your interview draws closer, and ensuring you're properly prepared.

It's certainly not worth being worried that you won't sleep – not least because this is likely to end up causing lack of sleep! Think about it this way: Yes, a night without sleep isn't ideal before an interview, but the chances are that little bit of adrenaline will carry you through the hour or so it takes to have an interview even if you don't get any shut eye. Hopefully, keeping this in mind will help you sleep!