Dealing with a job you don’t like

With any luck, even if you're looking for a new job, it's not because you're having a really bad time in the present one.

We'd like to think that most of the time, people leave their present job not feeling like it's been a bad experience. Yes, a lot of jobs have challenges, but hopefully these are more often the sort that help you develop without making you feel like work is causing you undue stress or distress.

However, if you're in the job market as the result of a job you really don't like, consider these tips that could help you see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Look for an escape

If you're really sure that the job you're in is one you want to move away from, make sure you really are looking at what's out there every day, so you don't miss possible chances to move on.

Make applications as often as you can, but whatever you do, don't allow the situation to make you complacent.

There's no point applying for something you might not be right for – and which could leave you in an equally unhappy position – just because you're in a rush to leave. Be discerning about the opportunities you pursue and don't let your judgement be clouded by your current situation.


There's always going to be someone in your workplace or company who you can raise concerns with. Find this person and confide in them about the problems you are having. It may be that they can help you improve the situation. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get down about problems that could be solved if we simply let the right person into our point of view.

Don't let work overwhelm you

Work is only one part of life. If you are having hard time it's even more important than usual that you make the most of your down time. Be the person you want to be outside of work, even if that's not possible in work.

Consider whether it's you, them or something else

You don't want to find yourself constantly ruminating about 'what's gone wrong' but remember that in many cases, it may be a combination of factors that is causing the issue, and considering what these are could help you develop.

If you have found yourself in the wrong line of work, no amount of help from your employer will necessarily improve things for you. If it's time to swap to something very different, career-wise, be brave enough to make that move.

Chin up

It can sometimes seem a cliche, but if you bring positivity to what you do, at least you'll be able to say you tried – and it could genuinely improve things.