Day business guests boost hotel profits, according to new report

Hotels across the UK are being encouraged to create more hospitality jobs in the daytime, following a recent rise of business guests booking into rooms during off-peak hours.

A new report by website Between9and5 highlights that hotels in the UK have seen their number of bookings rise by 400 per cent after they allowed to book rooms out during the day. Many hotels will only book business slots in peak evening hours and overnight, but the results have suggested that UK hotels should be more flexible.

The research further suggested that 41 per cent of business people were using hotels to relax after a long flight, 39 per cent were resting between meetings, and 11 per cent were using the hotel as a base for a meeting during the day.

Tomas Bik, co-founder of Between9and5, said: “Traditionally it has been frowned upon by hotels for customers to book a room for use during the day. But now hotel owners are starting to appreciate the value of filling space, and the need that business customers have as their work lives become more mobile means they can provide a respectable service that helps them build higher occupancy rates at times that are traditionally quiet. It’s a win-win situation for all."

Mr Bik further stated that international hotels have been open for business in the day for years, especially when it came to those in mixed time zones in Europe and in Japan. Therefore the UK is very much behind the trend.

Various hotels in the UK are now trialling day-use rooms, meaning that more hospitality jobs are being created during off-peak hours. In such sites, rooms will be available at lower rates than if you wanted to book for an overnight stay. Check-in times can start from 10.00 BST and a room can be occupied until 18.00 BST.

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