Countries importing UK beer in record numbers

Breweries in the UK exported to 113 countries last year, which is a record, according an announcement from Elizabeth Truss, the environment secretary, who recently took a visit to a Yorkshire Brewery.

The new data also shows that breweries here exported 1.1 billion pints overseas during the same time frame, and that the export activity brought £630 million into the economy of the UK.

"There’s no doubt we’re world leading when it comes to our food and drink – Ilkley Brewery is a shining example – selling Yorkshire brewed beer to the bars of Tennessee and Georgia," said Ms Truss, who visited this brewery recently.

The yorkshire establishment makes 50,000 pints weekly and exports its products to a range of different countries.

It has developed products especially for sale in the USA and these can be found in the likes of Florida, Washington and Alabama.

"As a country we’ve had huge successes selling £630 million worth of our quality ale, lager and stout to restaurants, pubs and supermarkets abroad, building a stronger economy for the UK," Truss added.

She said the the government is keen to see businesses in Britain use that success, which is the reason it is giving them support, opening close to three new markets weekly on average this side of 2010, and showing companies overseas that investment in the UK is attractive.

Last year, £147 million worth of UK beer went to the US, while Belgium bought £93 million worth. Other countries buying beer from these shores include Mexico and China.

Numbers have shown an increase in micro breweries, too. In 2010 there were 739 in the UK, whereas in 2013 that had grown to 1,403.

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