Clothing and shoes most common buys for people visiting Britain

Clothing and shoes have been revealed as the items that people visiting Britain buy here most often.

The finding was revealed in a VisitBritain report using several questions sponsored by the tourism agency and asked by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

More than 50,000 took part in the research, which asked people to pick things they'd bought when they were in Britain, using a list of possibilities.

‘What inbound visitors shop for in Britain’, the VisitBritain report, shows 48 per cent had bought shoes or clothing, 24 per cent things to eat and drink, and 16 per cent souvenirs.

It was also found that 68 business visits from overseas don't involve purchases of the sort covered by the survey.

Other findings showed that Middle East visitors bought shoes and clothes twice as often compared to typical visitors – 79 per cent did so.

The average visit from Kuwait brought £4,000 into the economy of the UK – whereas French visitors spend less, an average £343.

Belgians were found to have the biggest chance of buying things to eat and drink from Britain to take home, 34 per cent did so.

And 43 per cent of Mexicans buy souvenirs, a higher proportion than seen for other countries. Brazil came second in this list with 39 per cent buying souvenirs.

Overall, purchases were found to be most likely in London – a very popular place to visit.

People are more likely to buy drink and food in Scotland than in England, meanwhile.

"Britain offers a great shopping experience. We have wonderful shops whatever the price range, a unique sense of style and authentic British brands," commented VisitBritain director of strategy and communications, Patricia Yates.

"By inspiring our guests to shop, we can spread the economic benefits of tourism across the whole country, further adding to the export earnings delivered by Britain’s fifth largest industry: tourism."

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