‘Close to a third’ to watch World Cup in bars and pubs

Close to a third of people – a lot of them women – are set to enjoy the World Cup from the comfort of bars and pubs, according to recent research.

Some 43 per cent of the people who say they will take in games in bars and pubs are women, a CGA Strategy poll of 600 shows.

And overall, around a quarter of bar and pub viewers will go and watch games in these locations even when England isn't one of the teams playing.

The results were released on the first day of the World Cup, June 12th.

“Televised football continues to be one of the strongest assets for pubs to drive footfall and create an atmosphere typically unavailable at home," CGA Strategy commercial director Tom Lynch said.

Other CGA Strategy research suggests bars and pubs could see beer sales go up 35 per cent while the World Cup is on.

During the 2010 World cup, managed pubs sold 1,058 extra pints of beer, on average, while England were still in the tournament.

Sales hit their peak in the last group qualifying match, in which the team faced Slovenia.

Mr Lynch has said that CGA research indicates that international football brings in diverse demographics in a way not often seen for TV football in pubs "and arguably for pubs in general".

This offers a challenge to the conventional wisdom that World Cups "are all about blokes in the pub drinking lager", he said.

World Cups are actually more about a large-scale global event that brings mixed groups together, possibly in a way that no other does, he said.

"It's an opportunity for pub operators and drinks manufacturers to engage or re-engage consumers in the virtues of the great British pub.”

Other CGA findings are that 47 per cent of people with plans to watch the World cup in bars and pubs are in the 25 to 34 age group.

And a greater number of respondents – 50 per cent –  have indicated they go to bars and pubs for Premier League games, compared to the proportion set to go for World Cup games.

The Centre for Retail Research recently produced a report for VoucherCodes.co.uk which forecast that footie fans will be spending £2.58 million in shops, restaurants and pubs during the World Cup if England get to the final.

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