Climbing the ladder: How to get into hospitality management

Entering the management sector within hospitality jobs is always a sign that you are progressing quickly and efficiently. Whether it is becoming a restaurant or hotel manager, climbing your career ladder will totally depend on your skill set, dedication and, most importantly, your ambition.

The call of duty

Depending on the size of the company and the specific sector that you are working in, your main duties as a manager will vary across the industry. However there are some typical responsibilities that you will be expected to undergo.

In regards to staff, you will need to recruit, train and keep an eye on all staff members within your team, whilst developing staff rotas will be a common task. Actual stock needs to be considered so agreeing to budgets, setting profits and targets, checking stock levels, ordering products, planning and problem solving is just an ordinary day at the office. Within all of these tasks handling records, sales reports and paperwork may be included.

Generally, you will want to be improving how the business is run, whilst also fully promoting the organisation. This does not mean that you won’t still be interacting with customers, taking reservations and dealing with complaints, but it will widen your scope of how the organisation is maintained.

If need be

There will be set criteria of skills, experience and qualifications that companies will seek when taking on managers. On a personal level, bosses will want to see an awareness of the commercial market, good communication skills, solid organisation capability and individuals being able to lead a team. Many of these basic skills can only be developed through years of experience within the industry, so be sure to say that you can tick them off.

Some corporations and chains may ask for a degree or HND in management, hospitality or business studies, but note that this is not always a necessity.

Become a shoe-in

To increase your chances of securing that all-important management position, you need to harbour such skills and qualifications, but there will be ways to further strengthen your prospects.

Tailor your CV to the role, focusing on management experience and any training programmes you have done. It is imperative that you know how teams function so research into successful teams and how they have been directed in the past to achieve set goals. In the application and interview, stress your past experience, always backing up anything that you have learnt over time. Do not be afraid to mention past difficulties, as long as you focus on how you have overcome such obstacles.

For more information and advice, it may be worth joining a professional association. Such groups will help you climb that ladder towards greatness.

Before you can manage others, be sure to know how you can manage your own abilities well. Only then will you stand out from the crowd and secure that life-changing management position.

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