Climbing the career ladder: How to nab that promotion

Many will think that climbing onto that next rung of the career ladder means packing up your items and starting a new job, but you may find that all-important promotion right under your nose.

You and your boss

If you are looking to be promoted, your boss should be the first person to speak to. Fully explain how you have been doing your job and what you have achieved in that time. Essentially you will be wanting to give off the impression that you are looking for something new and are looking to potentially enter the management field. You will want to be clear that if your current job cannot offer you this, you may look elsewhere, but be sure to not make this come across like an ultimatum.

Once your situation is made clear, you will want to ask what you can do to make that promotion happen. If this next step is not possible, be sure to update your CV, and this will be a sign to move on elsewhere. In most cases however, managers may suggest a relocation or an opportunity that may be on its way in the future. Often, your boss will tell you to give them some time, so be sure to schedule in another meeting.

You and your employees

A major obstacle that employees often find is not being treated with respect from their colleagues. Many who started working with you may not be able to imagine you in a senior position so you need to alter how people perceive you.

This can happen by dressing the part as a manager, turning up and leaving both before and after your boss, contributing greatly in team meetings, demanding extra work and often mentioning your achievements. Be sure not to go overboard with this as you may end up simply being hated by your colleagues, and nobody wants that.

You and yourself

If you have a plan put in place, then you will need to act the part. Always go the extra mile if it is offering training, working more hours or taking on extra hospitality work. Dress smarter, and generally always do more; just be sure that it still looks normal in your daily routine.

Commit to regular meetings with your boss so you can gradually review how you are doing. If you have done everything that you promised, then it is up to your boss to hold up their side of the bargain. If they do not, then it may be wise looking for a new job as you can be sure that the promotion will not be coming any time soon. Don't get down about it, just take on the skills and experience you have gained and move on from it.

Otherwise, your boss will then offer you that next big opportunity. And the next step? Moving behind that swanky desk, of course! Enjoy the promotion.

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