Celebrate Our Lambs With British Lamb Week!


The first week of September is dedicated to our lovely lambs that walk our country fields. I’m so glad that we have a whole week dedicated to them as I don’t think we, as a nation give them enough credit! Why would we ever want to import lamb when we have such great tasting ones right on our doorstep!

The National Sheep Association is supporting British Lamb Week to raise awareness and increase sales of British lamb. Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “British Lamb Week has been borne out of immediate need, due to recent poor lamb prices. This, coupled with average UK consumption falling, means it is clear we must do more to build our domestic market here in the UK”

There are many reasons why we need to be eating more British Lamb; a big reason is to keep sheep farmers in business! If we carry on choosing imported lamb, our farmers will eventually go out of business, meaning we won’t have any choice but to eat imported lamb. Also if you buy directly from a farmer or a butcher, you will be able to buy cheap British lamb cuts that are absolutely delicious, but because they are not what supermarkets want, you get them for a ridiculously cheap price!

If you want to get involved and only eat british lamb to support our farmers and british land, then look out for the certified logos on the packaging!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to cook some great lamb dishes other than the traditional roast, then I have the perfect website for you! shows you all the dishes you can make and they look absolutely scrumptious! Some of my favourites include The spicy lamb and feta burgers and the Minced lamb tagine!