Café Rouge brand to receive makeover in next 3 years

The Café Rouge brand is set to get a facelift in the next three years, according to John Derkach, the chief executive of Tragus.

Talking to M&C Report, Mr Derkach emphasised that the estate has already refurbished four of its 125 nationwide units, making smaller menus and inverting the red and white colour theme.

The aim behind this change is to create a more modern feel within the brand. The decision came after the group saw that two of the refurbished branches saw a spike in the number of customers. The firm hopes to have all of its branches changed by 2016.

John Derkach said: “Fundamentally Café Rouge needed to be made more contemporary and cleaner in terms of design lines but also keep the charm and idiosyncrasies. For example, the stuff that was on the wall is still there, but it is not everywhere, it is grouped together.”

The entire estate will be designed in this vein, but at the same time the firm wants each branch to have its unique feel and design in order to avoid predictability. The aim will be to make these drastic changes whilst also trying not to alienate regular customers.

The budget for the project will be to spend between £100,000 and £250,000 on each of the sites, with the priority branches being the ones which are located in shopping centres.

Mr Derkach also revealed that they are aiming to open more branches of the Café Rouge Express brand in more transport hubs.

The firm hopes that this revamp will bring new hospitality jobs and boost local economies. Changes to the branches of Café Rouge will begin later this year.

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