Brits reveal their winter break plans

ABTA research suggests that in excess of 12 million Brits – 19 per cent – have made holiday plans for winter 2014/15. Another 23 per cent are so far undecided about whether to head away. 

As one would expect, not all the planned holidays are going to take place in the UK.

But city breaks are a popular option: 35 per cent of people who were planning a break when they were questioned in July had this sort of holiday on the cards.

People in hotel jobs in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham are bound to be pleased to hear that ABTA has cited these cities as some of the popular places for UK winter city breaks.

On the continent, Berlin, Vienna and Paris are among the favourites.

City breaks, however, were not being planned as commonly as winter sun breaks, when the research took place.

It was shown that 43 per cent of those with winter break plans were going to seek a sunny spot. Meanwhile, 18 per cent had winter spots breaks coming up and three per cent said that they weren't sure which category their winter break would fall into yet.

"During the winter months, an incredible range of holidays are available to British holidaymakers so it’s no wonder that so many people will choose to take advantage of this and plan a winter break," said ABTA chief executive, Mark Tanzer.

"We’ve seen a small increase in the number of people taking three or more holidays a year and it looks like lots of these people will be heading away this winter."

The age group most likely go on a winter break were the 25 to 34s, with 27 per cent having plans for one.

Since last year's survey there has been a fall in the proportion of winter break planners with a city break planned, from 39 per cent to 35 per cent. However, this year's number is up on the 31 per cent seen in 2012.