British eatery in China serves-up bubble and squeak

People in hospitality jobs in the UK may well be used to serving many of the dishes on its menu – but to customers in China, they may well be more unusual.

China's Mr Harry Authentic British Restaurant recently came to attention in the UK when The Guardian ran a blog about it.

A menu available on its website explains that this eatery, based in Shanghai, China, features breakfast dishes like Eggs on Toast and Porridge, sandwiches like a sausage bap and mains like fish and chips.

The site also provides an introduction to British meals, including Afternoon Tea, which it refers to as 'a celebration of life'.

According to The Guardian, owner Harry Spencer says that Mr Harry is the first authentic English eatery in all of China. But the news provider reports that most of its customers are from China, rather than elsewhere.  

The news provider also reports that the eatery is near to a Marks & Spencer and that on Christmas Day last year there were 150 bookings.

Mr Spencer and Paul Mair, the restaurant's chef, need to make sausages from scratch – as well as black pudding and bacon – because of the lack of availability of such things in their location.

Mr Spencer has said that many expats visit the eatery. However, it seems locals are putting their own spin on the food on the menu.

"Quite a lot have insisted on combinations like prawn cocktail, bangers and mash, fish and chips and bread-and-butter pudding with custard all at the same time – and then eating it all together," he told The Guardian.

Other items on the Mr Harry menu include a cheese and pickle sandwich, bangers and mash and Eton Mess.

If they so wish, customers can sample sides like steamed greens, broccoli, cauliflower cheese and bubble and squeak.

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