British cuisine number one in new poll

British people have voted British food their favourite type of cuisine to eat out in a new poll. 

Travelzoo research involving over 2,000 people asked people the rank eating out preferences where they live. 

British cuisine came first in a resultant top ten which saw Indian food in second place, followed by Italian, Chinese and Gastro Pub. 

Sixth place went to Thai cuisine, seventh to American and eighth to Mexican. French food and Japanese grub both also got a look-in in the top ten. 

Meanwhile, more than 70 per cent of the sample claimed to have a favourite eatery in their local area which they dine at on a regular basis. People in hospitality jobs will no doubt recognise these regular customers! 

The research found that 30 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds eat out several times per month, making this age group the one that dines out most frequently. Only 14 per cent in this group chose British cuisine as their top sort in the poll, a lower proportion than for other age groups. 

On average, it seems Brits have a preference for taking a journey of no longer than 20 minutes to get to an eatery. That said, 64 per cent of those living in London said they were happy to exceed this timeframe. 

“British consumers like to think of themselves as adventurous in their dining habits, but we have found there is still a real affection for traditional British food. When you consider the incredible success of programmes such as “The Great British Bake Off”, as well as the general evolution of the British restaurant scene, it’s not that surprising that as a nation we are proud to support British restaurants,” said Travelzoo UK restaurant deal business general manager, Heather Rogers. 

“Thankfully things have changed dramatically since the days when scampi and chips was the most exotic thing on the menu in UK pubs and restaurants!” she added.