Bringing some fun to your commute

Is the commute to your hospitality job making you feel like you get to work feeling less relaxed or positive than you'd like to? It might help if you ensure you've got something enjoyable, useful or both to be doing during your journey.


Reading is obviously one for those of us who don't have to keep our eyes on the road as we commute!

But if you're heading to work by train, for example, it can be a great way to feel like you're making the most of the journey. These days, reading books is something a lot of us don't often get round to. But if you've got an hour spare each morning when you'd normally just be looking out the train window, why not get out a paperback instead?

Some great reads that people in hospitality jobs might enjoy include Toast by Nigel Slater, Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsay and Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. Indeed, there are plenty of food and hospitality themed books out there to gobble up!

Of course, it's not just books you can read during a train journey. How about checking out some hospitality news on your phone or reading an industry magazine, for example? That way you'll begin your day expanding your knowledge of your own industry.


You may want to opt for listening to your entertainment, not reading it and if you're driving you'll have to opt for audio to stay safe.

Music is perhaps the most obvious option here, but if you want something that's more like the reading experience, an audio book or a podcast could be a good bet – and of course there's the in-car radio option too!

Podcasts are one of the most recently developed forms of entertainment out there, and they cover subjects ranging from films, to current affairs to pop music and more, so if you're a commuter, it may be a good idea to find a few favourites.

This way you can stock up and turn on an episode whenever you find yourself bored on the commute!

Be productive

If entertaining yourself en-route to work doesn't appeal, maybe you're the productive type who wants to fill this time with things that could help your career more directly, for example?

You can look up jobs online on the bus or train, so long as you have internet access! Or if you have a pen and paper or some sort of notation software to hand, maybe you'll make some notes about things you need to do at work this week, so that you reach work already feeling like you've been doing tasks related to your day ahead.