Big School Bake Off 2015 announced

People in chef jobs and cook jobs working in schools are being urged to get involved with the Big School Bake Off.

Co-organiser the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA), which organises the event alongside Unilever Food Solutions, reports that entries are open until May 15th.

A way of recognising school kitchen talent, the contest was first run last year.

Competing through a trio of heats, as well as an exciting final, Sarah Medlicott, who is the kitchen manager from Torbay School, Paignton, gained the title in 2014.

She was one of more than 100 people to enter the competition during its inaugural year.

"We were delighted with the standard of entries we received in the competition’s first year. This year we want it to be even bigger and better," commented Unilever Food Solutions channel marketing manager, James Allred.

He also explained that baking provides a great activity for getting everyone in a school cooking. It means caterers can use their skills, as well as letting kids take more interest in cooking and what they eat.

Mr Allred added that the year we've just seen has proven challenging for people in school catering.

The contest, he explained, is a celebration of such professionals' commitment and enthusiasm, showing the industry as a whole the great passion and talent that school kitchens hold.

Hospitality jobs and catering jobs offer a range of professional competitions.

For example, there are a range of competitions out there designed for people working as chefs, and there are others that baristas can enter and demonstrate their coffee-making abilities.

Sometimes, individual employers will hold a competition for the people working for them, or simply hold an awards event for stand-out staff.

Other industry awards and contests, like the Big School Bake Off, draw participants from a wider pool.