Big data can help restaurants ‘personalise their service’

Advanced technology could help to change the face of the hospitality industry, it has been suggested.
Industry expert, Adrian Valeriano, vice president of Opentable, said the emergence of new technology which allows restaurants to gather information on their customers can be used to help caterers to provide a more personalised service to consumers.
However, he added that it was important to strike a balance between respecting the privacy of customers and using available data to boost their offering.
One of the growing trends in the catering sector today, according to Mr Valeriano, is the use of data to analyse restaurant reviews.
He added that caterers can examine these reviews and look for any patterns or correlations.
They can do this by looking in detail at common words or phrases which appear and adjusting the service accordingly.
For example, negative reviews often focus on the quality of food, whereas positive reviews usually contain words such as ‘attentive’ ‘staff’ and ‘service’.
Speaking about the role of data in the catering industry at the Digital Innovation event, Mr Valeriano said that restaurants can use technology to improve the service they give to customers. He added that companies that are able to tap into the data and anaylyse it effectively, can enhance their service.

In addition, it can also help to boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. 

The data can also be used to examine which dishes were mentioned most often in customer feedback, andv whether there is any correlation with the locations that the restaurants are based in.
Mr Valeriano added that restaurants are also able to tap into customer data to find out more information on the demographics of their end users and their preferences.
Ultimately, he says, this will help to enhance the overall experiences of their customers.