Barclays to boost BHA campaign

Barclays has offered its support to the British Hospitality Association's (BHA) employment campaign to make the most of talented youths out of work.

Under the BHA's Inspiring the Next Generation campaign, Barclays will be taking part in a number of events up and down the country.

It aims to showcase a variety of career paths in the hospitality sector for young people. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to local employers to meet young people who would like to take up a role in their company.

In the past, the BHA has hosted convention meetings to uncover issues that young people face when trying to get into the workplace. With one of the main complaints against new entrants to the employment market often being that they lack experience, the BHA has been encouraging its members to offer work experience, apprenticeship programs and job opportunities for young people.

Statistics show that ten per cent of the working population in the UK has a job in hospitality. According to statistics from Barclays' Job Creation Survey 2013 it is one of the most active sectors in the UK for offering apprenticeships, with 31 per cent having taken on apprentices this year and a further 44 per cent aiming to employ more later in the year.

Head of employability at Barclays Mike Thompson said: "We’ve learned from our own successful apprenticeship programme what a great impact that investing in young people can do for your business. Now by partnering with the BHA we hope to take that approach to an industry level and make a really big impact on tackling youth unemployment in the UK."

As well as aiding BHA with its campaign, Barclays also aims to help members of the BHA to engineer apprenticeship programs and to give them a space to list any work experience opportunities they have. It will do this using its LifeSkills programme, which is aimed at training young people and preparing them for the workplace.

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