Bank Holiday: 5.1 million planning UK breaks

With another bank holiday coming up, people in hospitality jobs in hotels are no doubt gearing-up to host some guests who are holidaying over the long weekend.

And according to VisitEngland, a massive 5.1 million Brits have plans to take an overnight UK break this coming weekend.

The tourist board's Bank Holiday Trip Tracker also shows that 4 million of these British break planners expect to take their trip within England, with these figures based on new survey results and Office for National Statistics population data.

The bank holiday break activity could well create around £1.2 billion of tourist spend in the UK, and £940 million in England alone, according to the stats.

And these figures do not take into account the people who have not yet decided about whether or not they're going to go on a UK break.

The data shows 7.6 million British people are in this position.

The biggest deciding factor for these Brits seems to be weather, with 34 per cent waiting on confirmation of what weather condition will be like this weekend.

Meanwhile, 29 per cent are putting off a decision because of financial reasons and just under a quarter aren't sure where they want to head for a break.

A fifth are holding off to see whether special offers are available and around the same proportion would rather book their trip late.

“There are 4 million Brits planning a holiday trip in England this weekend which is testament to the fantastic product on offer in England. The resulting £940 million of spend likely to be generated demonstrates the importance of tourism to the UK economy," commented chief executive of VisitEngland, James Berresford.

He told the public: "There is still time to plan a last minute short break or day trip in England to enjoy, whatever the weather.”