British sausage

Bangers a smash – British Sausage Week is coming…

Sausage lovers can now really get really excited – the leading celebration of all things sausage-y is about to commence. From November 2nd to the 8th in the UK, it is ‘British Sausage Week’. This is the 18th annual occasion that the UK’s top sausages have come under the gourmet spotlight. The event hopes to encourage both consumers and caterers to indulge in a sausage or two during the celebration.

The brits have always loved their sausages, and ‘gourmet’ sausages have given life to the humble meaty treat beyond a tube of minced pork with the addition of a bit of sage and onion. This year’s festivities will focus on the posher end of the banger market, and organisations such as Red Tractor are hoping that the promotion of so-called ‘gourmet sausages’ will encourage people to be a little more adventurous when it comes to their sausage scoffing.

Sausage caterers and producers and will be using the event to promote their products, from traditional breakfast sausages to curly Cumberland sausages and beyond.

Boosting sausage sales and porky awareness

During British Sausage Week a mystery, sausage-loving celebrity will be unveiled who will help to champion all things sausage-related. There will also be a massive PR campaign leading to a nationwide search to find just who makes the UK’s most top-notch sausages. Hundreds of sausage makers have already entered the ‘who is the top sausage’ competition in one of three available categories, namely retailers and brands, food services suppliers and independent butchers. The winner of each category will be revealed at a special luncheon to he held at the start of the week in London. Hundreds of companies and suppliers have submitted their prize porky treats to the competition, for which entries closed on the 18th of September.

There are plenty of ways caterers and eating establishments can become involved in British Sausage Week:

• creating new, unique flavour combinations
• holding a competition for customers to come up with their own ideas for sexy new sausage recipes
• sharing new, inspired recipes or introducing brand new sausage-themed menus
• holding sausage-tasting events
• holding a special promotion event for your top sausage and sausage-based meals and products
• informing customers of how sausages are sourced or produced
• tweet about your sausage experiences using the hash-tag #SausageWeek

Regarding the British Sausage Week UK’s Top Sausage Award, head judge for the event Keith Fisher said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved in making, selling or serving sausages to gain recognition for their quality varieties. Past winners have told us about the positive impact that being able to promote their sausages as ‘award-winning’ has had on sales – generating extensive interest from both new and existing customers. Whatever you decide to do, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to gain positive recognition for your quality sausages and reap the rewards.” Keith is also the butchery development manager for AHDB Pork.

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