Avoid being the weak link: Optimise your use of LinkedIn

In this digital world of social networking, it has become more important than ever to increase your presence on LinkedIn. Only by optimising your profile, can you progress well up the hospitality ladder both efficiently and quickly. There are four steps to follow when linking on LinkedIn.

Who are you?

Before you do anything on your LinkedIn profile, it is worth asking yourself how exactly you want to be seen. Are you a leader or a team player? Do you have skills in social media? You want to fully depict and explain your own personal brand. This is why it is vital that your personal tag and headline give a general sum-up of who exactly you are. On a network of millions of people, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd.

Ensure that your description fits very closely with your CV as if any individual contacts you, you will want to correlate with what they have already read about you.

Remember: everyone has a story, and everyone has been on a journey. Do not be afraid to tell yours and how you got to where you are today as it will suggest you have an idea of where you want your career to go. Your skills will be better understood when you say in story form how you got from point A to B and what contacts you made along the way. Be concise, but be ultimately interesting.

Keywords are key

Like all businesses, you will realise that you need to promote yourself out there in the cyberworld. Therefore, search engine optimisation is key for your profile. Add specialised keywords that will not only make you stand out but will also align with the abilities and skills that you have. Recruiters and bosses will be looking on LinkedIn for terms such as ‘social media manager’ and so these keywords should be scattered naturally in your descriptions.

Whilst keywords are important, do not make them stand out, as it will be obvious to companies, whilst adventurous and hyperbolic terms such as ‘guru’, ‘maestro’ and ‘hero’ should be avoided. You’re applying for a management position, not to be Batman’s sidekick.

Snap happy

Everybody knows that a first impression is the most crucial factor. A picture will give an idea of who you are, so be sure that it is both appropriate and professional. The last thing you want is a picture of you inebriated at a wedding. If you have no picture at all, then bosses may either be suspicious or think that you do not care about your professional appearance.

Generally avoid costumes, labels, flashy jewellery, hats and sunglasses. A blurry picture will not help your cause either.

Linking your link on LinkedIn

When you are sharing your URL around, employers will not want to see a string of odd characters. LinkedIn will allow you to change your profile URL address so that it can include your name. Not only will this look more pleasing to the eye, but it will also promote your personal brand further whilst revealing that you are tech savvy. Adding a final professional polish will leave a lasting impression. 

When entering the management field in hospitality careers, it is important to consider LinkedIn. The last thing you will want is for your online presence to become your weakest link.

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