Autumnal excitement in hospitality

Is the place where you work doing anything for Hallowe'en or the autumn season?  

This time of the year might not make as much of an intense splash in the hospitality workplace as Christmas does, but that doesn't mean the sector's businesses aren't embracing it.

One business that's doing something for Hallowe'en is Jurys Inn.

It has a new promotion where it's asking guests to say the words 'trick or treat' – that familiar Hallowe'en phrase – when they check in.

Everyone who uses this phrase on Hallowe'en itself – October 31st – will earn themselves a special surprise, according to the chain, which calls this gift 'spine tingling'.

The 100th guest to say it will get something even better: a one night stay at the UK Jurys Inn of their choice.

Pumpkin success story 

One well-known hospitality success story of the season is the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte beverage.

Customers are going wild about this coffee drink on social media, with hundreds of thousands of posts hashtagged #pumpkinspicelatte on Instagram, for example.

Although it's pumpkin-themed, its branding isn't linked to hallowe'en, but rather autumn.

Starbucks' UK website talks about it becoming part of customers' 'Autumn routine' for example.

The drink is a latte – espresso and steamed milk – with a pumpkin syrup. It comes with a special dusting on top and is often served with cream.

From special menu items to competitions to decorating, there's a lot that businesses can do as a way of marking a particular season.

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