Are you covering these job-hunting basics?

Looking for a job in the hospitality sector? There are lots of steps you can take to help the process along. Here are just five ideas that it might be wise to work into your hunt if you haven't already.

Getting someone to read over your CV

Having your CV looked at, especially by an expert, could be a great way to make it that bit more attractive to the people that matter. If you've not had anyone read the document yet, it may be more likely that silly mistakes or unclear phrasing are standing in the way of it being the best it can be, or even that there's a more integral problem, like the fact you're not letting your experience sell itself properly.

If you're going to take someone's advice about things, other than the basics like spelling, be sure it's someone that you trust knows what they're talking about when it comes to CVs!

Joining up to Linkedin

If you're not a member of the net's most famous career-focused social network yet, make sure you get signed up. You can apply for jobs on out site via your LinkedIn profile, for example, which could well save you time. And its easy to fill in profiles mean you're always going to be prompted to have the right information included to show off your skills. There's a lot more about this platform that makes it great for job hunters, so be sure to check it out!


If you feel like you're not improving yourself or your CV, but want to, it may well be appropriate to consider trying some volunteering to help matters. Volunteering for a charity, for example, will always look good in your list of achievements, and it may be possible to get some volunteering work that will directly relate to the sort of paid work you want to get in the longer term.

Talking to someone in the industry

If you're trying to get into a new industry or type of job, be sure to ask anyone you know who is working in something similar what it's like and how they got into it. This could help give you some guidance about what you need to do to land the job you want, and help you to know for sure it's the sort of work you're after.

Are you being organised enough?

Sometimes, we're lucky enough to get a job right away. At other times, it can take weeks or months. In either case, you'll boost your chances by making more applications, and always finding the right positions to apply for. Being organised and methodical about it, rather than simply doing an application every so often and crossing your fingers, is a good way to help ensure success.

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