Apps and job applications…

Why not resolve to let apps help you more in the job hunt this year? 

Even someone who is already quite tech savvy might not be using their smart device to its full potential when it comes to looking for work. 

After all, new mobile apps which can help with communication, organisation and other issues linked to the job hunt are being released all the time. 

Some of the ways that well known, popular apps on tablets and smartphones can aid your hunt include:

Giving you constant access to email, so you can be notified when that would-be employer gets in touch and respond. (For example, Apple's standard Mail app). 

Letting you note down the date and time of that interview in an electronic calendar and get reminded when the event is coming up. (For example, Apple's standard Calendar app).  

Giving you the whole world wide web's worth of career advice and job adverts on your portable device – maybe you’re reading this on a smart phone or tablet? (web browser apps). 

Giving you the chance to quickly check your appearance as you journey to the location of an interview (camera apps!). 

Hospitality Jobs app

If you're after hospitality jobs, it could be that the Berkeley Scott Hospitality Jobs app becomes one of your most used tablet or smartphone applications this year. 

This is a simple app that's free to download. It has a neat look, with purple accents. And of course everything works via touch control. 

One of the main features is the Current Vacancies section. You can head into this straight from download and browse positions by sector, such as Bar & Club and Hotels. 

When you look at a job ad, the app remembers this, so you know which ads are new to you. 

If you wish, you can use the Job Search Filters section to narrow down the sectors you see jobs in, or the locations the app shows you work in, and more. Of course there's also a search box to help you when you're looking for jobs. 

There's a range of other functionality, including some features that are available to those who are registered with us. When you have the right information saved, it's possible to make a job application in-app if you wish. 

Of course, the app needs a web connection, but that shouldn't stop you using it in any number of situations where you might not want to get your computer out. 

You could pop jobs into the favourites section as you're on your bus journey to work, or while you while away the ad break in your favourite evening TV show, for example. 

Image: Thinkstock.