Advice hotline launched for aspiring pub managers

An advice hotline was launched this week in order to help aspiring managers who would like to take over their local pub.

The Co-operative Pubs Advice Line, which was launched by community pubs minister Brandon Lewis, will offer information and advice on enterprise, business and legal law. Other issues covered will include marketing, bank and finance, pub leases and dealing with violence.

Mr Lewis said: "The local pub is often at the very heart of the community and an important aspect of life for many people. When it closes, many communities feel powerless to save it. The Co-operative Pubs Advice Line will give communities access to a wealth of information and expertise, giving them the tools they need to save their local pub as a co-operative enterprise for generations to come.”

The hotline is being run by the Plunkett Foundation, which also launched a sister website to offer further information and an online directory of the 14 co-operative pubs that are already open in the country.

Ministers hope that this hotline will be a perfect solution for communities that want to save their local pubs from shutting down, whilst also giving birth to aspiring entrepreneurs and creating new hospitality jobs in the area.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) will be donating £20,000 to the hotline and also offering a further £150,000 for the 'Pub is the Hub' project, which will aim to renovate further pubs across the UK. These schemes are part of a wider plan by the government to build and renovate community services under the Localism Act.

The government is also hoping to bring in a minimum unit price for alcohol; a policy which the coalition argues will benefit local pubs and bars.

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