A burger at breakfast time?

Burgers aren't traditionally thought of a something you eat for breakfast, but it seems they're becoming more and more popular as a morning meal.

NPD Group stats show that last year Brits ate over 100 million of them when dining outside of the home at breakfast time.

About a twelfth of burgers eaten out were munched prior to 11am – whereas in 2008 this was just one sixteenth.

And breakfast burger numbers were up six per cent against 2012.

Last year, adults eating out without kids ate 59 per cent of breakfast burgers. Those eating with kids ate 41 per cent of them.

Figures from five years ago showed adults without kids in tow ate over 67 per cent of burgers between 6am and 10.59am – the time frame covered by the research. Those who were eating with kids ate 33 per cent.

Meanwhile, the stats also show that Brits ate over 268 million bacon sandwiches eating out last year. This was the number one breakfast time food to eat out according to its stats.

In order, the rest of the top five were toast, eggs, sausage and finally baked beans.

Hash browns came sixth, breakfast sandwiches seventh and burgers eighth. Cereal was ninth and croissants tenth.

"When people eat breakfast – perhaps on the way to work, or in the office, or as a treat at weekends – burgers are clearly growing in popularity," commented NPD GroupUK Foodservice Account Manager Jack MacIntyre.

"But the breakfast classics – servings of good old-fashioned bacon sandwiches, toast, eggs, sausage and baked beans – are unlikely to be toppled anytime soon."

He added that, although Britain's cafe culture is getting better, it seems continental breakfast items like croissants aren't set to dismount the "Great British Breakfast['s]" appeal.

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