89% of British consumers go online to find new hospitality businesses

Social platform LivingSocial has revealed that 89 per cent of Brits will now use the internet in order to find a new hospitality business. This suggests that companies should make more use of the online world to both capture and retain customers and employees.

Consumers will have millions of restaurants to choose from in the UK, so it would only make sense that households will scan online to find good deals, attractive offers and the ‘best’ reviews. The internet has become a useful tool for companies to promote their brand, whilst social media recommendations will also guarantee that word-of-mouth is spread quickly.

Digital marketing and adopting SEO techniques on your website will further drive Google traffic onto your site, which is very important in the long-term growth of your business.

LivingSocial is one of the many companies that works directly with hospitality businesses and will make them much more appealing to both consumers and potential employees who may be looking for hospitality jobs online. The site, which has already attracted 3.5 million members, further highlighted in its research that 93 per cent of customers will find it both cost and time effective to track down a restaurant online.

It is surprising how many smaller companies are not taking advantage of establishing an online presence for themselves, especially when they have to compete with the much larger brands on the high street. Local recommendations may be the focal point of any business model, but in this digital age, local opinions become national trends.

Whether it is LivingSocial, or any other social networking platform, it is wise to pay particular attention to what online consumers are looking for, to guarantee healthy business growth.

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