300,000 new hospitality jobs to be created by 2020, according to the BHA

A new report by the British Hospitality Association (BHA) has suggested that 300,000 new hospitality jobs could be created in the sector by 2020 if the government joins forces with leading industry figures.

The report ‘The Agenda for 300,000 New Jobs’, which was published on Thursday (March 7th), argues that the hospitality sector is now responsible for employing ten per cent of the workforce in the UK, whilst it remains as the fourth largest employing sector in the country. Since 2010, the industry has created 153,000 new jobs, especially for those aged between 18 and 24. This figure is a quarter of the total number of new jobs generated across all sectors in the past three years. Furthermore, the UK now stands fifth in the world in the overall world travel and tourism ranking.

In a statement, deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: "The British service sector is worldbeating and one of many jewels in our crown. Through tough economic times, the industry has stood firm, creating thousands of new jobs and bringing vital tourism to the UK. Jobs and growth are my number one priority, and I thoroughly welcome the ambition shown by the BHA to create nearly 300,000 jobs in the hospitality sector by 2020."

Across the UK, Wales and Scotland lead the pack with 9.2 per cent of their businesses falling within the hospitality sector, whilst Northern Ireland falls shortest at 7.3 per cent. Three of the top 20 constituencies that offer the most hospitality jobs are boroughs in London: Westminster North, Chelsea and Fulham, and Kensington.

Campaigners hope that leading industry figures can work together and with the government in order to further expand the sector in the next decade.

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